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   FDA is at it again... Deceiving you and putting your health on the line                                             to fill their greedy pockets !   click below




Check out the link below about how the Food industry, doctors, and even nutritionists have been misleading us all these years. In defense of the nutritionists, they have been misinformed themselves.  

I've been saying this for years..... Grains are Not really that good for humans.  Protein, fat, fruits & veggies are much better for you !  In moderation I eat  rice... And my cheat day has lots of grains in it. However.... Grains should be placed on the bottom of your priority list of foods to eat.                        

The egg is literally one of the Best foods you can eat !   However, The Kellog corporation in order to sell their New product ( cereal ) sixty some odd years ago, went after the competition ( eggs ) with smear campaigns.

Enjoy the article.... It's All true and based on Science !



              * Again...The Egg is one of the best foods you can eat... Period !                                               Do your own research. Don't follow the wrong crowd !



http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/10-everyday-super-foods?page=2   ( copy & paste )



CrossFit or Not to CrossFit - First of all I want to say that Crossfit is a great, fun, intense way to get  in shape. Like any weight training and cardio regime, with decent genetics, a little hard work, and Most importantly, if your eating right, you will get leaner and more muscular. It's just not for everyone and not  for me. I don't like the group thing, it's expensive, prone to injuries, and tends to create a little less feminine look...Especially in the upper back and trap area. Do your own research & find a workout that's best for you. As long as your doing something beside feeling bad about the way you look and feel .  click below






       Check out these ( 2 ) Great links about why you may Not be making progress.