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  Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge





 Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge









   Rosa still amazes me to this day !      

  " Fifteen years and 2 kids later    she has a six pack and in even  better shape now.  She  is  also  one of north jersey's most sought  after personal trainers. I like to      think I had a little influence  in  that. "


Don Arrigo

" Marc works with me as a seasonal client in Jupiter.

   I have Parkinson's... And Marc does Boxing, balancing work as well

   as weight trainig. He has helped me deal with this tremendously and I

   am very grayeful for his time and patience."   : )                                                                                              


  KJ and Jennifer Karwan


  "   I met Marc 20 years ago at a local gym where he was a trainer and we have been friends                                                                                  ever since... He was even in my wedding.  Marc played a pivotal role in my Natural Body                                                                                building competitions. I was always an athlete and in pretty good shape, But Marc helped                                                                            me with my diet, posing routine, and preperation. His knowledge, patience, and tips, were                                                                            key to my success.

          I went on to win my first contest and in my second contest I won the Mr Natural NJ Title.                                                                               Not too shabby ! "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                  - KJ Karwan _



                    Rosa Montana 


       "  When I came to see Marc and his business partner Rich at the Elite Fitness Center                                                in Clark NJ, I had already lost about 100 lbs but still about 150 lbs away from my                                                  goal of 120. As you could imagine, I was a little intimidated stepping into a gym.                                                  Litttle did I know I was walking into the " Cheers of gyms " which Instantly became                                              my home away from home.

           Right away they treated me like family and we became friends and still are to this day.                                          Marc's knowledge of training and diet were instrumental to my success... But his lead                                          by example attitude and passion for helping people is priceless, and a big part of the                                          reason I can Rock that black dress!  Marc & his former partner Rich are not just changing                                    bodies, Their changing lives!  It's safe to say, if you hire Marc, your getting a lot more                                          than just a personal trainer on your side. "                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ RM ~                                                               



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