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  Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge





 Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge







Women's Weight Lifting Myth's... Debunked !


Myth # 1

Weight lifting makes you Bulky !

This is Just not possible scientifically. Woman do not produce enough testosterone  to get bulky. They would have to use steroids, lift Very heavy weights, and consume huge amounts of food to   acheive the bullky muscular look they are afraid of.



Myth # 2

Weight lifting increases your chest size !

Also Not True... Sorry Girls. Women's breasts are composed mostly of fat and                         therefore impossible to increase in size from lifting weights.




Myth # 3

If you stop weight training the muscle turns into fat !

Wrong again !  That's like saying Gold can turn into Brass. Muscle & fat are two totally                     different types of tissue. When people go off their program their eating habits usually                     suffer as well. That combined with a slower metabolism from inactivity may give the                       impression that muscle is turning into fat. What is Really happening is muscle is being                     lost and Fat is being accumulated.


Great article to support the point !